Do Orthotics Work

Here we dive briefly into orthotics or arch supports and their effectiveness.

Orthotics or arch supports are a device that replaces the innersole in your shoe. Podiatry made innersoles are customised to your feet using a detailed moulding a manufacturing process. This process is similar to prescription glasses or custom mouth guards for sport. We take an impression of your feet, they are sent to a specialised lab in Perth, Sydney or Brisbane, then we fit to returned orthotics into your shoes. Made just for your feet, no one else.

Short answer is YES orthotics are amazing at helping a multitude of foot issues and biomechanical overload problems.

Orthotics can effectively help;

- Heel Pain

- Flat painful feet

- Arch Pain

- Bunion pain

- Achilles tendon pain

- Some knee, hip and back pain

- Forefoot pain

- Much much more.

However, to get the most out of the effectiveness of your orthotics, book in with us for a Biomechanical assessment. We investigate the best treatment and orthotic prescription variables for your feet.

Orthotics take a week or 2 to wear in and your muscles and alignment slowly adjust. After this period, the forces in your foot reduced and subsequent pain or discomfort.

Call us for an appointment and we can effectively design your orthotics that work!